Improved scraping results page
The new results page has the following sections:
  • Extracted data
    : View, copy and download the data from the defined extractors.
  • Scraped source code
    : View, copy and download the HTML of the scraped website. Useful to debug unsuccessful scrapings along with the HTML scraper free tool.
  • Screenshot (screen or full-page): If the scraper fails or the screenshot option is enabled in the scraper, a partial or full-page screenshot will be displayed here.
Scraping screenshots
It's now possible to save a screenshot of the scraped page.
Screenshots are available for all paid plans, and full-page screenshots for the Ultimate and Business plans.
If a scraping fails, a screenshoot is going to be attached, even if the screenshot option is disabled. Screenshots for failed scrapings are also triggered in the free tier.
Fixed an issue with encoding extracted data
The results page now prints the extracted data with unescaped UNICODE and other chars such as Japanese or Chinese.
Share a scraper
It's now possible to share a scraper configuration with other users (or the support team if you need help debugging your extractors).
You will find the share action at the edit/view scraper pages, by opening the dropdown menu.
By clicking the
button, you will open the configuration menu where you can enable/disable the sharing status and copy the shareable link.
Scrape URLs containing non ASCII chars
Fixed an error where the URL validation logic was not accepting scrapings to URLs containing non ASCII chars (Japanese, Chinese, German, etc).
Outer HTML selector
Up until now, we had the capability to extract the HTML within a selector.
Starting today, we are introducing the capability to also extract the HTML of the selected element. This means that you can now extract the HTML of the selected element as well.
API: new account endpoint
Some users have requested an API endpoint to check the token usage, so we built it.
From today there's a
endpoint to check the token usage and other basic information from your account.
More about the new API endpoint here:
No-code apps dashboard
The no-code apps dashboard is now open!
The first app to join is the Zapier integration. Do whatever you want (and with no-code) with your data.
In the following days, we will be publishing some templates and guides to get the most out of this integration ✨
Chrome extension helper tool
Thrilled to announce that the first version of our helper tool is already on the Chrome Web Store!
The helper tool lets you find and debug CSS selectors to use in your web scrapers.
  • Click a page element to generate a unique CSS selector.
  • Type in your selector and we'll highlight the matching elements to help you craft the perfect CSS selector.
Visual scraper scheduler
No more strange cron expressions!
*/59 */23 * 1,2,3,12 0
Gone are the days of using external cron builders and complicated interfaces. MrScraper now features an integrated, visually appealing, and user-friendly scheduler!
To schedule your scraper, simply choose your desired schedule using the easy-to-use dropdown menus. It's that simple! ✨.
For more information on how to use the scheduler, visit:
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